Walnut Grove Medical has a new phone number: 360.718.2515

Since 2005, Walnut Grove Medical & Mental Health has been helping people improve their quality of life with detailed, compassionate, evidence based care of the whole person.

Walnut Grove Medical & Mental Health specializes in:

Family Care from Infant to Geriatric
Chronic Disease Diagnosis & Care
Urinary Incontinence & Bladder Retraining
Women’s Health
Internal Medicine
HyperlipidemiaSexual DysfunctionFibromyalgia
DementiaMorbid Obesity – Diet & Exercise Planning & Coaching
Bipolar I & II
Major Depression
Borderline Personality Disorder

The real difference with Walnut Grove Medical & Mental Health is the personal touch from providers that get to know you on a first name basis, the homey feel of the front lobby, warmly decorated offices, and even recliners in the IV hydration rooms.

Schedule an appointment and experience the difference a personal touch can bring.

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